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The release of the Wolter Classic Automatic signals a continuation of the excellence in form and design that Wolter has been known for since its inception. A watch that not only suits just about every occasion, but also goes with a multitude of straps, this is a great piece to round out any collection.


With a design that's clean and serene, the Wolter Classic lets every detail breathe. For the last few years, watchmaking has really been throwing off the shackles of stylistic repression across independent and large-scale manufacturers, leading to some of the most outlandish designs ever seen. Although an ever-increasing will to experiment can only be a good thing for the industry, the trend towards more eccentric shapes and “fun” colours can leave a dearth of options for those with more reserved tastes. The Wolter Classic fills an interesting spot in that niche, taking a lot of modern elements and presenting them in a tasteful, vintage-inspired package.


What is striking about this watch is that they make something so difficult look effortless. It is so difficult to execute simple in an exceptional way. But here there is so much to love. Somehow with so much negative space this watch is so clean yet so complete. With applied indexes, that great red seconds hand, a trusty Swiss movement, perfect proportions and 100m of water resistance the outcome is a great everyday watch.



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